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The machine is suitable to core fresh peppers and to wedge them.


• 50-70% reduction of manpower on trimming conveyors (the machine repays itself in a short time)
• Fast, delicate, precise and regular cutting;
• Long-lasting and quick replacement of cutting components;
• Adjustment operations are easy and quick: possibility to vary the whole machine speed from the control panel and also to process peppers of different diameters simply widening or tightening    the arms of the plastic grippers;
• Easy access to inner components for cleaning and maintenance.

Approximate production range 40 - 80 peppers/minute
Overall dimensions 2.950 x 1.400 x H 2.350 mm
Process product calibre diam. min. 80 - max. 100 mm ; length min. 100 - max. 150 mm

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