1 DETORSOLATRICE 2 DETORSOLATRICE Holder and blades detors.ins. Salad Output spicchi ins.

The machine is suitable to core fresh vegetables (heads of salads such as ‘iceberg’ and ‘Chioggia radicchio’, cabbages) and to perform the following wedging of the cored product.


• 50-70% reduction of manpower on trimming conveyors and waste reduction (the machine repays itself in a short time)
• Fast, delicate, precise and regular cutting;
• Long-lasting and quick replacement of cutting components;
• Possibility to install a variable number of blades in the cutting unit according to the amount of the desired wedges; the knifes for coring are interchangeable;
• Easy and fast adjustments operations with possibility to vary the entire machine speed from the control panel;
• Easy access to inner components for cleaning and maintenance.

Approximate production range max. 40 vegetables/minute
Overall dimensions 3.700 x 2.000 x H 3.700 mm

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