The machine is suitable for cutting in stripes or slicing leafy greens (i.e. salad such as escarole, radicchio, ‘grumolo’ chicory) and more in general elongated shape vegetables (celery, leek, aubergines, peppers, carrots, etc.).


• Quick, precise and at the same time product caring cutting;
• Minimal product waste;
• Possibility to vary cutting width acting on the inverters controlling the conveyor forward speed and the blade rotation speed;
• Possibility to adjust inclination of the upper compacting conveyor according to quantity and consistency/shape of the product to be cut, without compacting it excessively;
• Possibility to set process parameters from control panel (also with machine in motion);
• The only machine on the market allowing knife sharpening in approximately 5 minutes without removing the blades for an always perfect cut;
• Easy access to inner components for cleaning and maintenance.

 Video: multiproducts tests.

Approximate production range 500 - 1500 kg/hour
Overall dimensions 2.900 x 1.900 x H 2.100 mm (standard model)
Obtainable cutting dimensions 1 - 40 mm

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