ONIONS-&-GARLIC PEELER MOD.255_01 Pelatrice-255 white onion borettane small onion red onion shallot garlic

The machine is suitable to peel a wide range of onions with spherical/elongated/flat shape, shallot and ginned garlic cloves intended for the fresh product market, for freezing or for preserves (in oil preservation/pickles, sauces, etc.).


• Homogeneous and product caring peeling;
• High flexibility in particular for the treatment of a wide range of onion shapes and sizes;
• Long-lasting abrasive components and quick replacement of peeling components;
• A wide range of peeling nets is available to match different product calibres;
• Complete automation and customisation of the continuous process cycle control panel adjustments: loading product time (so the inserted quantity), process time (peeling cycle duration);
• Easy access to inner components for cleaning and maintenance;
• Possibility to convert from onion peeling machine into garlic peeling machine and vice versa;
• It is suitable for a multiple line (i.e. 2/3 machines 255(995) model in a row).

Approximate production range onions 400-900 kg/hour (for the different calibres refer to the brochure); garlic 200-300 kg/hour
Overall dimensions 3.200 x 1.700 x H 2.300 mm (automatic feeding elevator included)
Process product calibre diam. min. 25 - max. 100 mm ; stem length max. 30 mm
Cycle duration 1-2 minutes

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